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Special Nutrition for the Older Person

If you are interested in running this seminar, please contact us for more information. The length and content can be adapted to suit your needs.

This seminar is an introduction to nutrition for older persons. It is designed to be a practical module that will allow participants to provide or plan for meals for the elderly, taking into consideration their nutritional needs and issues they face regarding absorption of nutrients. It is designed for:

  • Carers working with older people
  • Those who are planning a career in a health or social care environment and related areas and who are looking for a practical skills-based course
  • Family members caring for elderly relatives in their own home

Content Outline

    • Overview of how aging impacts nutritional status
    • Nutritional Requirements – overall energy requirements decline, but vitamin and mineral requirements remain largely the same, so food choices need to be nutritionally dense
    • Food Choices – taking into consideration feeding difficulties that may be present
    • Common deficiencies and how to address