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Nutrition for Children

If you are interested in running this seminar, please contact us for more information. The length and content can be adapted to suit your needs.

Children are incredibly energetic, which is good because they have so much to learn about the world! For some though, energy levels are so high that they find it difficult to focus. For others, energy levels are so low that health and learning are compromised. This seminar is a practical introduction to proper nutrition for children, and can be taken by anyone. It may be particularly interesting to parents, educators, or those studying to work with children. Participants will walk away with practical and specific ideas about what children can and should eat for maximum health, focus and concentration. Meal plans will be discussed.


  • Good digestion – nutrient absorption, immunity, health
  • Balancing blood sugar – fuel for the brain, energy levels, focus and concentration
  • Essential Fats – brain development, hormone regulation
  • Water – hydration and health
  • Handling common ailments naturally
  • The Menu – meal plans and ideas

Want to try a new recipe with you children? How about quick and easy turkey nuggets.